Evolution & Change, Celebrating 130 Years


 Photo: Goodwin-Cole Co. Circa 1950
In the early 1950s, Bob Cole and Tom Goodwin bought what is now Goodwin-Cole Co. in Sacramento, Calif., and hand-painted the company name on their awning.

Custom Tents, Awnings, & Canopies Since 1888

The Goodwin-Cole Company, Inc. company has produced textile products since its 1888 founding in Kansas City, Kansas, at a point when its offerings were mainly awnings, tents, and wagon covers. But the company was not destined to stay in the Midwest and, in 1920, migrated to California, settling in Sacramento, where they have been serving northern California for over 90 years.

It was at this location the then Carnie-Goodwin-Pendleton Co. became the Goodwin-Cole Co. in 1952 when Robert Cole became a partner with Tom Goodwin. Ever since reinvention has been a common theme as the company has striven to become an industry leader and serve the needs of its customers. During these early Sacramento days, awnings were in high demand as protection from the California sun was necessary to shelter homes and businesses. As modern luxuries such as air conditioning became more common, demand for awnings declined, only to bounce back as the populous became more inclined to their energy efficiencies and elegance.

State-of-the-Art Then & Now

While awnings and tents have always been a big focus of the company’s catalog, it has been Goodwin-Cole’s ability to branch out and adapt with the times that have kept the company relevant and going strong for all these years. We have continued to explore new possibilities for growth and expand into new markets. Our pioneer tents have given way to highly engineered extruded aluminum tents that provide coverage, beauty, and strength for residential and commercial properties alike. The growth in demand for metal awnings and motorized retractable awnings continues at a fast pace. As does the popularity of shade sails and slide wire canopies. Anything and everything relating to providing shade, heat management, energy savings, and UV protection is something we want to be a part of.

Changing with the times, the Goodwin-Cole company has transitioned from covering the animal-drawn wagons of the 19th century to covering modern-day aerial drones for the U.S. Air Force. The company now offers multiple custom textile solutions, still including awnings, tents, and many one-off products. We have signature projects all over northern California and surrounding states. From the custom-engineered aluminum canopies at the Cache Creek Casino to the bleacher shading for the entirety of the Stanford University stadiums and so many more. We have worked with all major contractors, along with local and state governments.

Innovation & Community

Industry passion and an ability to put people ahead of business are among our most prized company attributes. We are ever thankful for our customers and dedicated staff. 40% of our new business comes from satisfied past customers and their referrals. Our hardworking staff mirrors our community and strives every day to live up to our mission, “Goodwin-Cole builds innovative solutions of excellence from start to finish, meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations with products of the highest value delivered on time”.

We believe our tradition of quality service is the hallmark of our customers’ trust. We realize that our customers are the source of all of our success. Goodwin-Cole Company will always aim to be worthy of that valued trust. To us, there is no project too large or too small. If you’re interested in learning how we can enhance your business or beautify your home, call or contact us online today! We look forward to serving you with experience and professionalism.