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Energy Efficiency

Keep Your Home or Business Cool During the Summer

Goodwin-Cole is committed to saving you money in the hot summer months by offering a wide range of energy-saving shade solutions for your home and or business. With a Goodwin-Cole shade solution, you could see potential energy savings of up to 50% during the summer by blocking the sun that typically and directly radiates on the side of your home or building, your windows and glass doors throughout the day. Our products are made from the highest quality materials available to ensure their performance meets or exceeds industry and customized standards and outlasts alternatives.

Save On Energy Costs With A Goodwin-Cole Product

We offer a range of energy-saving shade solutions, including awnings, patio covers, shade sails, indoor roller shades, outdoor roller shades, premium pergolas, and slide-wire canopies. Each of these products can be custom-tailored to fit your needs.