Product Installation

We professionally install all Goodwin-Cole products using our own in-house team of installers. This is to ensure your product is installed correctly and efficiently. We can also work side-by-side your existing contractors and electricians to ensure the installation of our products does not delay any active construction.

Awning Installation

We install fixed fabric and fixed metal awnings for residential and commercial applications. We also install custom and pre-fab retractable awnings for residential and commercial customers.

Shade Sail Installation

Shade sail installation requires additional planning and preparation along with a skilful team who has the experience and knowledge to ensure the shade sail is installed correctly and does not fail over time. Our team of skilled installers will plan and install a shade sail solution for your residential or commercial need.

Outdoor Roller Shade Installation

We will install your custom outdoor roller shade solution. Our installers work along-side our design and engineering team to ensure your outdoor roller shades are installed with a perfect fit and lasting functionality.

Indoor Roller Shade Installation

Our courteous team of indoor roller shade installers will install your indoor roller shade solution in your home or business with little-to-no interruption to your daily life. Once installed, you'll be left with a high-quality indoor roller shade that perfectly fits where you need it to.

Slide-wire Canopy Installation

Slide-wire canopy installation requires a team of skillful professionals. Our team of installers have installed thousands of slide-wire canopies and carry the experience necessary to ensure correct installation and lasting functionality.

Aluminum Patio Cover Installation

We will professionally install your custom aluminum patio cover with little-to-no interruption to your daily life. Our friendly team of installers will leave you with a beautiful new aluminum patio cover that you'll love and will save you money on energy costs.

Driveway Gate Installation

Wrought iron driveway gates are heavy and require a professional to install. We have an in-house team of professional driveway gate installers that will ensure your new driveway gate is installed correctly and functions properly. If you ordered an electric gate opener, we can make sure it is also installed and connected. When our team leaves, you'll be left with a high-quality driveway gate that will keep your home and family safe and may even increase the value on your home.

Iron Fence Installation

We install wrought iron fencing around pools, as security fencing around a home and to keep public out of areas around commercial property. Regardless, our team of iron fence installers will make sure your iron fence is installed properly and securely to make sure it can perform for years to come.

Iron Railing Installation

No matter if your iron railing solution is for a residential application or necessary for ADA compliance on a commercial property, our professional installers are here to ensure your order is installed securely and correctly to ensure proper function that lasts.

Window Guard Installation

Our team of installers will help keep your home or business safe by securely installing your custom window guards without interrupting your daily life.

Storm Door & Security Door Installation

Storm doors and security doors can often be installed by homeowners but we do offer professional installation by a friendly and experienced Goodwin-Cole installer. Professional installation will ensure your storm door or security door is installed correctly the first time without risk of damaging your home which can often happen by do-it-yourselfers.