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Residential Shade Solutions

Make your home look its best while saving on energy costs and providing security to your family. Our skilled team of experts will custom design, fabricate and install the perfect shade solution to fit your unique needs. We invite you to experience why thousands of Northern Californians have trusted Goodwin-Cole.

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Outdoor Shade

Save energy by blocking the suns UV rays and intense heat with a new awning. Many styles and colors to choose from.

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Custom Outdoor Shade Solutions

Big or small, give us some details on your unique project and we’ll build the perfect solution for you.

Customer Cover

We love the challenge to provide you with a custom cover for an object, equipment, aircraft, drone, valves, storage, outdoor space, fixture, or anything else.

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Custom Cover Fabrication One or Many

Goodwin-Cole Co. fabricates custom covers, any size, any shape, elaborate or simple. Large to very large and complicated custom covers.

You Have High Standards -
So Do We.

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Our skilled in-house craftsman expertly design, cut, weld and sew the best materials available in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to carefully craft your final product no matter how big or how small and no matter how complicated or demanding.

All of our products are produced to meet industry and customized standards and are delivered and installed on-time for your project.

We hope you become one of our thousands of satisfied customers within the Goodwin-Cole family.

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