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Custom Innovation, Made in Sacramento

Our products are designed, engineered and fabricated in the United States. Our dedication to quality and innovation which centers around outstanding customer service means you’ll enjoy a Goodwin-Cole product experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

“We Can Do It” Approach

Simply put, we say YES where others say no.

Custom canopy with turn - By Goodwin-Cole for Sacramento Memorial Auditorium

Custom Canopy over existing walkway
Sacramento Memorial Auditorium

Our team of CAD engineers help to bring solutions to life even if what you need isn’t conventional. Our facility allows us to work directly with our designers and engineers to ensure the perfect solution for you that fits and performs the way you planned.

We Build Custom Products, Too

Work direct with manufacturers to customize products beyond what you could get elsewhere like at a big box store. The benefit is a longer-lasting and precise-fit for your unique need. Just a few examples of custom products we have made for our customers have been:

  • Custom covers
  • Covers for Outdoor kitchen / BBQ / fire pit / pizza ovens, etc.
  • Vertical shade panels
  • Vinyl bags
  • Water bladders
  • Outdoor plumbing insulation covers
  • Rain covers for odd-shaped structures

Tell us about your idea and let us bring it to life with a custom solution!

Flexible Solutions

When a solution calls for providing shade and/or security, Goodwin-Cole’s products save the day. We have installed thousands of commercial and residential products such as awnings, shade sails, roller shades (both indoor and outdoor).