Light Control & Privacy

Control the light that comes into your home or outdoor area via our wide range of products and fabrics.

Roller Shades

Roller shade fabric alone can provide an opaque or blackout option for any room in your home. Our range of indoor roller shade products provide additional levels of light control and privacy to provide the perfect solution to your needs.

ShadeLoc roller shades showing how the shade slided through a track to prevent light from leaking over the edgesShadeLoc roller shade systems slide up and down in a track within your window recess. This system provides a truly blackout or "gap-free" solution without light bleeding in through the edges like traditional roller shades despite using a blackout fabric.

Double-roller shades installed in a business buildingDouble-shade roller systems offer day/night convenience by using two separate fabrics. The inner fabric can be an opaque fabric to diffuse harsh light and glare but still allow the sunlight to light up a room. The outer fabric can be blackout to darken a room or provide total privacy at night. Each roller can be controlled independently of the other offering limitless options of light control and privacy.

Roller shades installed in front of windows that roll from the bottom - upBottom-up shade systems are ideal for windows that span the height of a room and allow you to control light above and below as well. They also provide privacy while still allowing you to see outside.

Roller Shade Automation

With an innovative automation system, you can control the light in your home and save energy at the same time by automatically adjusting your roller shades by the time-of-day. By automating your indoor roller shades, you can diffuse the morning sun that comes through the front of your house and then automatically roll up the shades as the sun passes overhead. Later that evening, all shades can automatically roll down providing your family with privacy before bed.

Outdoor Light Control

Retractable awning installed over an outdoor eating area - diffusing the sunlight

Awnings reduce light, glare and UV rays from the sun to provide an enjoyable outdoor space and can cut down the on the heat that radiates inside.

Slide-wire canopy providing shade to an outdoor eating area at a restaraunt.

Shade sails and slide-wire canopies provide cool and gentle shade while still allowing light to pass through to make an outdoor space usable. Additionally, depending on the fabric type and color, you can also control the color of the light providing a unique mood to your outdoor area.