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Awning Fabric Re-cover and Product Warranties

Goodwin-Cole Company warrants its products for a period of one (1) year from the date of original product manufacture. Certain fabrics, materials, and other components used in the fabrication of Goodwin-Cole Company’s products may carry warranties and prorated warranties of differing lengths provided by their manufacturer(s). In all cases, Goodwin-Cole Company warranties do not exceed one (1) year from the date of original product manufacture. Goodwin-Cole Company’s warranties specifically exclude product damage or personal injury due to neglect, improper use, improper installation, or improper maintenance and for damage or injury due to acts of nature. Charges will apply for any repairs not covered by this limited warranty.

Product / Part / Fabric Replacements

If your awning's framework is in a serviceable condition, Goodwin-Cole Co. can re-cover frayed or dated awnings with the industry's most elegant and durable awning fabrics featuring remarkable 5-year to 10-year limited manufacture warranties depending on the material.

If your product needs repaired or if you need to replace a part or if your fabric needs replaces (re-cover), please use the form below and tell us what you need.