How Can A Roller Shade Save Me Money?

Solar Trac animation

Unlike your traditional blinds, shutters and shades, the MechoShade Solar Trac Shade offers proactive shade control. By using the latest in solar tracking software, Solar Trac can help to manage the amount of daylight in a room while conserving up 70% savings in light energy. Sensors on the windows themselves calculate the BTU level per window and current conditions such as temperature.


With winter upon us, roller shades will harness the heat from the sun while blocking the rays which are harmful to wood floors.  When dealing with a room facing to the South, blinds should be lowered half way allowing the maximum winter heat in the room. When a typical shade is in the up position you often have a bulky rolled stack at the top of your window. With Roller Shades they virtually disappear when fully open.

If you are looking for a window covering solution to save you money and improve the look of any room, MechoShades offer a stylish and functional solution. Call or email Goodwin Cole today to speak with one of their consultants to get the right window covering for your home.

Download SolarTrac brochure [PDF]


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