An Easy Way to Save Costs on Energy and Increase the Value of Your Home

indoor rolling shades in home

Homeowners are always looking for ways to save money and boost the value of their property. After all owning a home is an investment and most often the largest investment in a person’s portfolio. When it comes to heating and cooling we all know that those bills can rack up and become one of the larger if not the largest expense inside the home. Here’s a small piece of advice there are ways to lower those costs while increasing the value of your property, and it all starts with your window coverings:

In this day roller shades and window coverings do much more than offer privacy to homeowners. Modern technology has made it so you can keep direct sunlight out of your living room in several fashions. Depending on your tastes and budgets there is something for everyone.

MechoShade System 

mechoshade 1mechoshade 2

The classic MechoShade manual system is a good choice for the budget minded homeowner who wants to keep their home looking sleek and those energy costs down. They come with a 25 year Warranty and are easy to remove and maintain if you want to clean them occasionally. As you can see they have a very minimal profile and integrate into this design perfectly.

WhisperShade IQ System


Are you more of a tech person and enjoy automation in your home? If you are, you would probably lean towards the WhisperShade IQ system. They are motorized so you can add or remove sunlight and privacy at the touch of a button. In addition with more home automation systems you can control your motorized interior shades with your iPhone or Android device. You can have them set to go fully open or closed or customize the settings depending on the time of day or what you are doing. For example if you have a preset in your home to watch movies, the shades would block any ambient light accordingly. Finally they aren’t called WhisperShade for nothing. They have the quietest motor in the industry. This is definitely not your Mama’s window Covering. This integrates technology with style.

Investing in your window coverings brings a sleek modern look to any home, and can save dollars on your energy costs. They variety of films used can do everything from taking the glare out of the sunlight to fully darkening a room in the case of a home theater. At Goodwin Cole, our trained specialists will work with you to deter mine what is the right covering for your windows whether it be residential or commercial. Call us today and let us help you save money and grow your investment in your home.


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