Stanford University Canopy Installation

Stanford University Tennis Courts Shade and Awning Project

This project, completed in August 2017 by Goodwin-Cole Company, Inc. at Stanford University, consisted of two separate canopies installed over bleacher seating for the University tennis courts. In the background, another project by Goodwin-Cole Company, Inc. can be seen at the Stanford University football stadium. This project, completed in 2014, consisted of a set of four high-peak tent canopies designed, constructed, and installed over the Stanford University Stadium Press Box.

Canopies for Tennis Courts Bleacher Area

 In 2006, and then again in Summer 2017 we re-covered two existing canopy frames approx. 43’ x 21’ and 120’ x 28’ in Ferrari Moss Green. #502

Press Box Tent Canopy

In 2014, Goodwin-Cole was commissioned by Stanford University to complete the re-cover project for the University Stadium Press Box tent canopy. This canopy consists of four 20’ x 24’ high-peak roof panels for completed dimensions of 24’ x 80’ and a height of X feet and was fabricated utilizing over 300 yards of Ferrari Fabric Burgundy #8284. Each 20’ x 24’ canopy section was then handily topped with a 20” x 36” Stanford logo pennant.

Goodwin-Cole continues to prepare the tent for storage each year, removing the cover and then returning again the next season for its replacement.

Additional Projects

West Recreation Center: we installed 3 manual mechoshades covering five windows and two flat panels to cover doors. Fabric is 0-1% 904 black/brown with bronze fascia on windows.

  • Arrillaga and Education & Recreation Center
  • Maples Pavilion
  • Tresidder Union
  • Polya Hall

Canopies & Awnings

  • Soccer Field
  • Equestrian Center
  • Tennis Stadium—Pavilion


  • Football Stadium

We know custom canopies, tents, and awnings

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