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Goodwin-Cole Co. takes pride in its tent making. Goodwin-Cole Company has been making high-quality canvas products since 1888. We manufacture Tents and Tipis and are proud to say we have shipped our products world wide. Goodwin-Cole’s Tents and Tipis are made to the highest standards with the finest materials in our state-of- the-art factory. Since we are a full-service custom manufacturer, we are able to fill your unique design requirements. Our Wall Tents are designed and built to fill the needs of the most demanding Hunters and Outfitters.  Designed to stand up under harsh conditions.

Size Wall Height Peak Height Weight (lbs.)
8′ X 10′ 3′-0″cs 7′-0″cs 35
10′ X 12′ 5′-0″cs 8′-0″cs 43
12′ X 14′ 5′-0″cs 8′-0″cs 58
14′ X 16′ 5′-0″cs 9′-0″cs 75
16′ X 24′ 5′-0″cs 9′-0″cs 100

* The Wall Tent comes standard with the following features:

  • Zippered door with storm flap.
  • 10″ vinyl sod cloth.
  • Double canvas reinforcement in all areas of high stress.
  • Rope reinforced 2″ eaves with #4 brass spur grommets all around.
  • Eave ropes and tensioners.
  • Storage bag.

Available Options Include:  Floor Tarp, Rain Fly, Window, Silicon Stove Jack, Screen Door.    Feel free to call for details and pricing. * Frame not included.

Elk Hunter Tent 12′ X 12′

This unique tent is designed with the mobile Hunter in mind.  The Elk Hunter Tent is easily set up in just a few minutes to make a very stable and roomy shelter.  With a floor dimension of almost 12′ X 12′, a peak of 9′ and 3′ walls, there is enough standing and sitting room for several people to be comfortable and protected from the elements.  The Goodwin-Cole Co. Elk Hunter comes standard with the following features.

  • Sewn in vinyl floor
  • Zippered door with storm flap and Fastex buckles.
  • Double canvas reinforcements in all areas of high stress.
  • Corner and side stake out ropes and tensioners.
  • Stakes
  • Storage bag.

Available Elk Hunter Tent Options:  Screen window with storm flap, Stove Jack with storm flap, Rain fly, Poles.    Feel free to call for details and pricing. * Frame not included.

Range Tipi

Floor Size Peak Height Weight (lbs.)
 7′ X 7′  7′-0″cs 21
 9′ X 9′  9′-0″ 28

This handy canvas tent is an excellent choice for an outdoorsman looking for a light and compact shelter.  It is easy and fast to set up. You can use a single pole, an external A-frame, or simply throw a rope over a convenient branch.  This tipi makes a comfortable wind resistant shelter.  A modern twist designed after the “HERDER’S TENT” used in the 1800 and 1900’s by stockmen in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Standard features include:

  • Sewn in vinyl floor.
  • Zippered door with a storm flap.
  • Stakes.
  • Storage bag.

Range Tipi Options:  Screen window with a storm flap, Single inside pole, A-frame pole set.  Feel free to call for details and pricing. * Poles not included.

Sioux Style Tipi(14′, 16′, 18′, 20′, 22′, & 24′)

We have been making our Sioux style Tipi for over 40 years and have shipped tipis through out the world*.  Made of the finest materials available, these lodges are designed to withstand years of use.  We have updated our original tipi to meet your needs.  Several things have been done to make the tipi more livable and durable.  The places of stress are reinforced.  We have moved the door hole up to allow easier access.  The tie point has been reinforced with a large collar and rope sewn into tops of the flaps from the pockets to the tie point.  The smoke pole pockets are double reinforced to prevent wear and tearing.  The front lace pin flaps are reinforced with a wide band to the door, around the door, and below to the edge of the base.  The base hem is sewn four times. Brass grommets at the base go through three layers of canvas.  The thread in the entire tipi is an extra strong blend of cotton and polyester to give more durability.  All seams are double sewn.  Be it Paris, Australia or Canada, don’t be surprised if you see a Goodwin-Cole Co. Tipi.  Feel free to call for details and pricing. * Poles not included.

Sioux Tipi Options:  Door Cover, Sewn Button Holes, Stove Pipe Ring, Rope

(Custom) Base Camp Tent

Designed for extreme weather and high winds, the Goodwin-Cole Co. Base Camp tent was developed for the U.S. Forest Service as a high altitude base camp shelter for search and rescue operations.  The Base Camp utilizes a water-proof 18oz. vinyl floor & rain fly.  The sides & top are constructed with a high quality mildew-water-flame resistant fabric that has excellent crack resistance and cold-temperature flexability.  High stress areas are reinforced with webbing.  The doors (2) are zippered with a protective foul weather flap.  The back-bone of the Base camp tent is it’s schedule 40 aluminum frame and slip fittings.  The Base Camp tent’s foot print measures approx. 8′ X 8′ with a 5′ peak hieght & 1′ walls.  Feel free to call for details and pricing. * Poles not included.

Stockman’s Bedrolls 

* The perfect foul weather cover for your sleeping bag or blankets.

  • A) Zippered Sleeping Bag Cover has a 15oz. canvas top with an 18oz. coated vinyl bottom 7ft long plus a 3ft head flap and 3 ft 6 inches wide.  This bag cover has a #10 zipper with a Velcro closed weather flap.
  • B) The Cowboy Suit Case is made in the traditional method using a single piece of 15oz. canvas duck 18 ft long x 7 ft wide.  When folded up, it makes a 7 ft long plus a 4 ft head flap and is 3 ft 6 inches wide.  It is closed with snaps and D-rings.

Other Products

  • Canvak Water Resistant canvas preservative
  • HH-66 Vinyl Cement – For Vinyl Coated and Vinyl laminated fabrics.  For patching and Sealing.
  • “HAR Adhesive 740” – For bonding & repairing canvas.

Canopies, Tents & Tipis

Tents on top of Stanford stadium
Red tents on top of football stadium
Custom canopy on large building
Press booth tent at Stanford
Vinyl tent inside
Outdoor temporary tent
Tent for outdoor events
Canopy being built on large building
inside of rental tent
tent at top of football stadium
Canopy over picnic bench
Custom commercial canopy
Tipi made by Goodwin-Cole
Tipi frame set up