How Retractable Awnings Can Cut Energy Costs


Residential retractable awning.
Awnings save energy and cut heating and cooling costs. See the awning experts at Goodwin-Cole.

3 Ways a Retractable Awning Can Help You Save Money

Those shopping for retractable awnings are often surprised to learn just how much they can help save on energy costs. Installing a retractable awning is not only an attractive solution to creating shade around your home, it is a practical and functional one that can help you save money

Many homeowners worry about increased energy consumption due to air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter. With an awning you can say “goodbye” to those high energy bills. No matter what season it is, a retractable awning will work for you and your wallet. 

Read on to find out how you can lower your energy bill with an awning!

Keep Your Home Cool with Shade from Your Awning

By using your awning in the summer months, you can simultaneously create shade outside while cooling the inside of your home. Awnings are great over patios and decks, where they create outdoor living spaces that family and friends love. Window awnings are also attractive options and work to keep sunlight at bay on sunny days. 

Choosing a light awning color is another way to ensure you are blocking as much sunlight as possible. A lighter color will deflect light and heat, where a darker color will absorb them. We love awnings because they are attractive and energy efficient. We are sure you will see the benefits of a retractable awning.

Let a Cool Breeze In

With an awning, you no longer have to keep windows closed up tight during a sunny day. Awnings over windows will provide protection from the harsh sun rays that create warm breezes. The area around your home will be much cooler, and you will be able to leave the windows open to let air in.  

Let the Light in During Winter Months

Retractable awnings work to do more than just create shade and keep your home cool. During the colder winter months, retract your awning to let the light in! This will warm your home and allow more natural light inside. Not only will you not have to crank your heater, you can leave more lights off. Even something as small as a living room lamp can drive up energy bills over time. 

Goodwin-Cole Installs Awning Systems that Keep Energy Costs Low

Awnings are ideal any time of year — whether you are looking to keep your home cool on hot days or want to warm it up in winter, simply extend or retract your awning as needed. 

Goodwin-Cole designs, sells, and installs the best retractable awnings for Northern California homeowners. We believe that awnings are an investment that will save you more and more time and money as the years go by.

If you are ready to save more money and conserve more energy, reach out to Goodwin-Cole today to get a free quote for a retractable awning for you home!