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Sunbrella Outdoor Fabrics, Durability Challenge

With technicians, Brandon and Michael, standing by, onlookers lined up to test the stain-resistant fabric.

Custom Shade Solution. Canopy Installation by Goodwin-Cole Company, Inc. for Stanford University

There is no project too large for Goodwin-Cole Company, Inc.

The canopy installation, by Goodwin-Cole Company, Inc. at Stanford University, consisted of two separate canopies installed over bleacher seating for the University tennis courts.

Why do fabric awnings excel over metal awnings?

Awnings often serve a greater purpose than simply being a protective shield against the elements. An end user may want an awning that is an architectural statement, signage for advertising, or an intriguing way to capture people’s attention. Fabric awnings offer significant advantages including lower costs, customization, styling & aesthetic considerations, and flexibility.

3 Attractive Ways to Create Backyard Shade this Summer

Everyone loves a hot summer day in the backyard until it comes to sitting under the harsh rays and getting that first sunburn. Shade is essential.

3 Businesses that Need an Exterior Shade Solution

Did you know that an outdoor area is one of the biggest draws for businesses in the summer months? While everyone loves a good patio, most do not like sitting in direct sunlight. That is why shading systems are essential for outside commercial spaces in Northern California.

How Retractable Awnings Can Cut Energy Costs

Many homeowners are concerned about increased energy consumption due to air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter. With an awning, you can say “goodbye” to those enormous energy bills. No matter what season it is, a retractable awning will serve you and your wallet.