Aren't Window Shades Boring? Not at Goodwin-Cole, we have tons of exciting colors and textures for the modern home.


Grandmothers Venetian Blinds
Do you have boring venetian blinds? Time for an upgrade.

Shade colors and textures.
Mecho Shade Systems, colors and textures.

Think back to the window shades in your parents' or grandparents' homes. It conjures up images of white metal occasionally dusty slat shades and shutters in colors like white and off-white. Since then, window coverings have taken a bold step into the future and are certainly not your grandmothers' Venetian Blinds. Window coverings indoor and outdoor can range anywhere from nearly invisible to stylish neutral linens. As far as materials go, the options are vast, ranging from a bamboo or basket weave.

Whether the look you're going for is lavish or minimalist with your window fixtures and coverings to elaborate there is something for you.  There are also clean weave and vertical diamond patterns which will give your windows more depth and texture as seen in high end home ranging from the Traditional to Modern styles.

Then when you thought the choices were all made we integrate manual or motorized functionality to the window covering and as you can see this is far from boring. In fact roller shades are sleek stylish and bring a value to your home that are not your grandma's blinds.

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Phifer window treatment, color and textures