Fabric Awnings

Form & Function – Fabric Residential Awnings & Commercial Awnings

Awnings can directly affect energy use by simply blocking the sun. Heat gain through windows is one of the main reasons why buildings need air conditioners… In some climates you can save 20-25% of your cooling energy just by using awnings.

— John Carmody, Director, Center for Sustainable Building Research, University of Minnesota

Residential Fabric Awnings

Awnings have the capability to add a tremendous amount of value to a home.

With the right design, the perfect fabric, and expert placement, awnings give back much more than their money’s worth. Awnings not only reduce the summer heat gain, lowering cooling energy costs by up to 25%, but also protect from winter storms.

Retractable Awning over Backyard Seating Area

With the right design, the perfect fabric, and expert placement, awnings give back much more than their money’s worth. Goodwin-Cole can help you increase the aesthetic value of your home, create useful and charming outdoor spaces for any weather, and save money by cutting down on energy consumption.

Goodwin-Cole is known for being able to take a creative approach and develop a solution to meet your awning needs. No matter what the project, we can offer a great solution. CAD and technical drawing services are available for custom design projects.

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CAD Design of Awning Types

Commercial Fabric Awnings

Colorful awnings add a touch of excellence to any business. The awning can signal an entrance, shade a window, or cover an entire outside area for guests or employees. Depending on the needs of your business, awnings can be stationary, retractable, or even removed in winter months. Goodwin-Cole can show you how to make your building look great while at the same time providing protection for you and your customers from all kinds of weather. CAD & Technical Drawing Services available.

We look forward to assisting you with your awning needs!

Fixed Awnings

Install of awning outside store
Awnings outside applebees
Awning over commercial entrance
Awnings on windows on duplex
Awnings over windows on home
Awnings in residential area
Awnings outside cafe
Commercial awnings
Awnings on business
Awning on restaraunt
Awning outside business
Fabric awning
Commercial half dome awnings
Awnings outside commercial restaurant
Commercial awning
Harvard Street awning
Residential patio canopy
Awnings on town center
Java City outdoor awning
Awning on commercial stores
Custom fixed fabric awning for real estate office.
Awning over doorway
Custom awning over doorway
Custom fixed fabric awning
Outdoor Canopy
Exterior Long Dome canopy
Box Awning
Boxed Awning Side View
Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric Awning
Sunbrella Fabric Outdoor Awning