Interior Roller Shades

Interior Roller Shades & Window Coverings

Goodwin-Cole Co. offers several lines of roller shades to fit your interior shade needs.

Mecho Shade

MechoShade Systems Interior Roller Shades

  • Excellent see-through ability which is beneficial to employee well-being.
  • Reduces heat-gain.
  • Reduces A/C loads.
  • Reduces glare and brightness problems on CRT screens.
  • Increases the use of natural daylight.
  • Plus a 10-Year Fit-For-Use Warranty.

MechoShade Systems offers an integrated system of visually transparent, translucent and room darkening roller screens that provide optimum solar protection with the functionality and design aesthetics architects and designers worldwide prefer. Whether you need a manual chain driven shade for a typical window, a motorized mid-window alignment system for an open monumental window wall, a multilevel shading control system for an entire office or a computerized solar tracking system for the entire building, MechoShade is the system of choice for windows, skylights and atriums.

  • We recently completed two complete control system upgrades that included MechoShade System’s AAC SolarTrac system, a PC driven system. The SolarTrac system has the capability of operating on a dedicated network & existing building Ethernet backbones.
  • Similarly, we have completed a residential package that is seamlessly integrated with a high-class home-automation system. The end result is Shades that move with the touch of a keystroke, push of a touch pad, or even an event calendar. Shade motors are addressed individually and can be operated in any number of customized zones.

QMotion™ Interior Roller Shades


The revolutionary innovation behind QMotion™ Shades offers industry-leading battery life, unbelievable quietness, and effortless installation. Finally, the luxury and safety of motorized shades, completely free of cords and wires, are accessible to everyone. And with a five-year warranty, you can rest assured we stand behind our powerful engineering

If you’re interested in interior roller shades in the Sacramento area, take a look at some of the examples below and then give us a call at (916) 381-8888! We design, manufacture, and install all our shade sails to ensure your complete satisfaction.