Safety & Security

Goodwin-Cole does more than supply custom shade products, we also work to keep you, your property and your family safe.

We Take Your Family's Safety Seriously

With custom iron products such as a pool safety fence or a perimiter fence or even an automated driveway gate, Goodwin-Cole will work with you from design to installation on the perfect wrought iron product to ensure it meets or exceeded your needs.

Commercial Security Railing, Fencing, and More

We supply our commercial customers with solutions for ADA compliant railing, storefront folding security gates and more.

All commercial iron solutions are built to your custom spec and professionally installed. We belive you would be hard pressed to find a better product and better service than you'll receive from the amazing team at Goodwin-Cole.

Feel free to visit our commercial wrought iron solutions or call us at (916) 381-8888 and tell us about what you need. We're here and happy to help get it done.