The Value & Benefit of an Iron Railing System

wrought iron fence spires

When you install a wrought iron railing or fencing system around your commercial or residential property, you are guaranteeing a beautiful finished look that will not only bolster aesthetic appeal but also serve as a meaningful safety feature.

While there are a number of building materials you could use, nothing compares to the artistry, security, and long life of wrought iron. If you’re on the fence over wrought iron, read on to learn about the many benefits a wrought iron fence, railing, or gate could bring to your property.

The Benefits of a Wrought Iron Railing System

There are many features that may persuade you to install a wrought iron railing system, but some of the most important include:

Long Lasting & Low Maintenance

Wrought iron is made primarily of iron combined with carbon, this gives the material its strength while also making it malleable enough to be transformed into beautiful shapes and curves. It is also this combination of materials that make wrought iron so durable and long lasting. Wrought iron has incredible corrosion resistance and requires painting only once every 3 to 5 years or even longer depending on its exposure to the elements.

Even if wrought iron is allowed to rust it would take years for the metals’ structural integrity to become compromised, allowing plenty of time for restoration.

Safety & Security

The very strength that gives wrought iron its longevity is what makes it an ideal material for security fencing. The thin ornate iron bars are typically arranged vertically, making them incredibly difficult to climb and fence designs almost always incorporate pointed spires at their tops. Not only are these spires elegant but will also make would be thieves think twice.

Beyond security, wrought iron can make for great safety railings along stairways, balconies, and even around pools or ponds. Keep young children from reaching dangerous areas or keep visitors from straying off of the beaten path.

Unobtrusive & Self-Effacing

Compare the finished look of wrought iron to the rough sight blocking look of a tall wood fence. Wrought iron bars and curves maintain an open design that allows you to gaze beyond its bars, while other materials like wood often block views entirely and lose their own natural beauty within the first year without regular maintenance.

Wrought iron can easily enhance the curb appeal of any property. If you’re looking to sell your home or are working to beautify your landscape, the addition of wrought iron railings and fencing will no doubt increase the value of your property and give it a sophisticated classical appearance.

Beauty & Elegance

For centuries, wrought iron has been used for fencing and gates to create a timelessly elegant style. Wrought iron may be painted and shaped to fit the style of your property and looks great when complimented by other materials such as ornate woodwork and masonry.

Whether around patios, pools, or gardens; wrought iron provides an attractive backdrop for any yard or property type. If privacy is a concern, a wrought iron fence pairs wonderfully with shrubs, hedges, and trees to create a beautifully natural and minimalist alternative to a view-blocking wooden fence.

Where Can I Place Wrought Iron Railings?

  • Staircases – Install an iron railing system along your staircase for safety and appeal.
  • Balconies – Iron railings are a perfect aesthetic addition to any balcony.
  • Garden – Place an iron railing system around you precious greenery for added protection and elegance.
  • Windows – Protect or accent your windows with a custom wrought iron railing system.
  • Gates – Perfect for pedestrian or driveway gating that is as charming as it is secure.
  • Security Doors – Protect the main entrances to your home with strong and durable wrought iron.
  • Property Lines – A wonderfully ornate alternative to an unsightly and view-blocking property fence.
  • Restrict Access – Keep visitors from walking on or through designated areas without an obtrusive wall or fence.
  • Anywhere you would like to add beauty and safety without sacrificing either.

Northern California’s Wrought Iron Specialists – Innovation & Excellence

Goodwin-Cole is your Northern California outfitter for custom wrought iron railing systems. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of wrought iron or to receive a free quote for your home or business, please call or contact us online to get started today. We have been providing clients with exceptional service and quality for over 85 years, together we’ll work to create the wrought iron railing system of your dreams.


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