Iron Folding Gates

Iron Folding Gates

Goodwin-Cole offers custom-manufactured iron security folding gates, designed and built in Sacramento.

Owning a business is stressful enough; let our high-quality, custom-made iron folding gates take your mind off of security. Keep your property safe and sound with a folding gate from Goodwin-Cole!

Our heavy-duty security folding gates are custom-manufactured to fit your exact needs. You don’t need to modify your storefront to fit our gate; our gate is designed specifically to fit your storefront! With decades of experience, we can design a folding gate to fit almost any industrial or commercial application where security is needed. If you are looking for a high-quality, durable folding gate at a competitive price, you’ve come to the right place.

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Interested in a custom-made, high-quality folding gate for your business? Goodwin-Cole can help you design, create, and install the perfect one.

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Folding Gates

Iron Folding Gate in Storefront
Iron Folding Gate in front of Goodwin-Cole
White Iron Folding Gate Blocking Residence