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Mecho Shade Systems - ShadeLoc installation interior commercial building
Mecho Shade Systems - ShadeLoc Interior commercial building with automatic shades. Ask Goodwin-Cole about Mecho Shade Systems.

Mecho Automated Shades
Mecho Automated Shades - Maximize daylighting and improve performance through integrated operation of shades and lighting systems with automated exterior and interior Mecho sensors.

ShadeLoc by Mecho Shade Systems wins “Most Innovative”

MechoSystems’ ShadeLoc system was named the “Most Innovative” shade solution at the Window Covering Manufacturers Association’s annual competition.

Held in Long Island City, New York, the WCMA Product Awards showcase the industry’s best new products, judged by experts form the design community.

Competition was fierce. Though there are a wide array of new systems to judge every year, the 2015 competition was particularly saturated with both technology innovations and new styles.

Despite the tough competition, though, MechoSystems was able to pull through.

How does the ShadeLoc system work?

ShadeLoc is a zipper-shade system, which utilizes channels to capture the edges of the shadecloth. Both the channels and the shade itself are zippered, allowing the shade to be held securely in place while drawn.

The shade is held flat, preventing movement from air pressure. The zippered channel system also eliminate the annoying light gaps that most shades have. The end result is superior room darkening and superior performance.

ShadeLoc uses a motorized system, which can be controlled via wall switch, remote, or even as part of a larger network of shades. Special extrusions and brackets enable multi-banding, wherein shades are couple together to utilize a single motor. This system reduces the number of motors used during operation, in turn reducing energy usage.

Finally, ShadeLoc features the SnapLoc assembly, which can conceal parts that might be considered less-than-pleasant for the room’s design standards. SnapLoc leaves the space with nothing but a clean, finished look.

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