Retractable Awnings

Custom Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings from Goodwin-Cole allow you create beautiful outdoor spaces or open up the view at will.

Whether your home or business needs retractable deck awnings, patio awnings, or window awnings, Goodwin-Cole can create the custom solution that will best suit you. We offer both motorized and manual units, custom-fabricated in our factory here in Sacramento.

Reduce your energy bills, protect your furniture from harmful sunlight, and create beautiful, charming, or chic outdoor spaces for your friends, family, or customers to enjoy. Outdoor awnings are an investment that save you more and more time and money as the years go by.

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Retractable Awnings

Retractable Awning over Backyard Patio
Retractable Awning over Backyard Seating Area
Outdoor Awning over Backyard Lawn
Patio Awning in Backyard
Retractable Awning over Parking Area
Retractable Awning over Doors and Windows
Retractable Awnings over Business
Retractable Awnings over Business Windows
Retractable Awnings over Porch
Retractable Awnings Rolled Up
Retractable Awning over Shed
Outdoor Retractable Awning in Backyard